Boss Deck 2013

Boss Deck 2013 card-back

This deck of cards featured as a reward for our 2013 Kickstarter campign. After doing some not very indepth research it became apparent that KS already had a massive community of card collectors. So, if you weren’t interested in drawing, you could still join in and support us to a small extent. It certainly wasn’t a low cost reward to produce since I opted for the absolute best specs that you could get, a Magician quality deck. And as someone new to designing cards, I was really quite shocked on receiving the batch of 2,500 decks. On opening I found the deck to be completely, and utterly wonderful. They were certainly special, nothing like what I’d experienced before. After dropping them on the floor like the magician I am not, I picked them up to find they glided between one another and fanned out beautifully…

It is amazing to think that this deck created in 2013 is now in homes of people around the world, Australia, Hawaii, Antartica, China, Australia, Brazil, everywhere. This was the first and only run of these cards, so getting a hold of them is no longer very easy. There will be a few decks included in some of the rewards that will be happening when we run a campaign in November 2015.