What is it? (+ Some afterthoughts)

Fundamentally it’s a…

…book about drawing which takes a different approach to teaching. An approach inspired by the things that have inspired me. Video games and boardgames, comedy, and good storytelling. I want to use these things to teach drawing in a way that’s entertaining, accessible, and hopefully beautiful.


When I was a kid, normal teaching methods didn’t really work for me, not in school and not in drawing books. From the age of even, I knew I either wanted to be a comedian or an artist.

I wanted to draw, but the ‘how-to’ books didn’t have the ‘spark’ to catch my interest—I’d rather be playing ‘Curse of Monkey Island’ or watching ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail.’ I learned more from trying to emulate the comics and illustrations I admired.

So that’s what I’m trying to do with Draw Like a Boss: make the book I wish I’d had as a kid.

To make the book I wish I had had as a kid.

Looking Backold-guido

The great thing about overshooting the funding goal was that the extra funds gave me room to experiment and to let the work grow and develop. What came about at the end of two years is vastly different than the ‘look’ that I proposed in March 2013. I mean seriously, those guys on the right there… wow. 

It’s really strange to go through the harddrives that contain all the preliminaries and concepts, but it’s also very satisfying in that I can see how everything has developed, both the project and myself. And I love all my backers for this: not just for helping me fulfil a dream and make something cool, but for giving me the freedom to develop into something I’ve always wanted to be–and to help me reach out to that goofy little kid I used to be, and hopefully to a few other misfit kids still out there screwing around and refusing to sit still and be bored.

So, not to be dramatic or anything but, to all of you backers, thank you from the very core of my being!





It has been amazing to hear of few Kickstarter projects that have been inspired by our campaign back in March 2013. If you’re reading this and you have an idea, no matter how small, try to cultivate it. Grow it into something, I guarantee you will be surprised. It may not look anything like the acorn it began as but, if this project serves as anything, it should be that life is full of surprises.

If you’re looking for inspiration, a good way to begin, I think, is to think of something that moved you in some way, then figure out why it had such a powerful effect on you. Whether you’ve just watched “Over the Garden Wall”, witnessed the Assyrian ‘Lion Hunt’ at the British museum or just played a great session of “Dead of Winter”…ask yourself why that creative experience spoke to you so personally. Study your inspirations, immerse yourself in them…but then, as you try to replicate these experiences for others, you will probably find that your own voice is slowly starting to emerge. Let it. Learn from what you love, and then let it get warped, let it get weird, in your own special way.

I wish you all the best of luck in creating something wonderful and new.