Where we came from

The 2013 Campaign

In March 2013 we took our first steps into the wide world of asking for funds so that we could make something creatively wonderful happen. During that time we didn’t have much of a clue how to run something like a Kickstarter campaign and so, days passed and nothing came of it. The trajectory of how things were heading looked bleak. The plane image below kinda sums it up. The idea was to get over that mountain, not crash face first on its cold, unforgivingly spiky exterior.


We were flat-lining to doom which was a bit of shame because we felt as if the concept we had was really worth it.


We had pretty much resigned ourselves to failure at this point… until something weird happened…


…there was a change. Almost like the pilot in the cockpit had suddenly woke up… or Indiana Jones was wrestling with the ‘up’ stick to avert catastrophe.


This was a bit insane to put it frankly. We had absolutely no idea what could have happened except that the supporters really got behind the project and made it happen.


Before that day I had never had more than £800 in my account and now, I could excitedly start work on building something unique. The feelings on day that funding was confirmed were completely overwhelming. Before I could start though, I had about 2,000 rewards to ship… 


The Card Rewards 

Everyone who wanted a deck just had to add £12 to their pledge. The remarkable thing about them was that that £12 granted them a deck that instantly became more valuable on the day of dispatch (‘talk like a pirate day’). This was illustrated by a man in Vienna selling a damaged one a week after receiving it for $81. You can see the full deck here.