Hall of Heroes

It's become a little tradition now that when we launch a Kickstarter, Ash draws little images of backers. Kickstarter backers can use the comments page to send:

A Hero Name.

Class Name or extra detail. For example Lockdown Luke, Quarantine Boi.


Five abilities of your choice.


Then using 100 skill points, distribute them among the abilities so Ash can gather what kind of personality the character has.


Nalla's Cat

"I’m always looking at new methods to get beginners into the art and craft of surfacing their creative explorations by way of drawing... without them allowing themselves to feel like they are failing and, thus bailing-out prematurely.


Your DLaB accomplishes this quite nicely and I have recommended it to several people and will be heartily recommending they check out this campaign!"

- Charles Barest via Kickstarter



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