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By Ashley Edge

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What is Draw Like a Boss?

The Draw Like a Boss book is a unique, step by step approach to drawing. A teaching course inspired by Adventure Time, Monkey Island and Zelda. It is a 297 page juggernaut that excels at teaching people to draw, no matter what skill level of age group (although being over 10 years old is probably preferable).

Draw Like a Boss - icon

The massive tome of Drawcraft is a super high quality art book. Drawing is fully explained within these pages, and if you're just starting out, it is everything you need to get going. This is a book you can refer to over the course of your artistic life, for that reason we highly recommend choosing the utterly beautiful hardback. This is our star player in this project. Not only is it beautiful, it can take a beating from whatever your messy artist studio throws at it.


Draw Like a Boss takes a different path towards teaching students to draw. It is highly visual and uses the structure of narrative to explain complex ideas. Challenges and concepts become characters in a story.

Although whimsical and silly in parts, the content is by no means dumbed-down or simple. We begin chapter one with a blank page and from there we start to develop foundational skills of drawing.  From that basis we then work our way gradually to more complex ideas found in the academic drawing curriculum.


Draw Like a Boss - illustration
Draw Like a Boss - illustration
Draw Like a Boss - illustration
Draw Like a Boss - illustration

Click the button below to learn about what makes this second book so special. Veteran artists and novices alike will find this tome to be the perfect teaching resource for levelling up in drawing.

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