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The information below is there to help people who are new to Kickstarter. It explains all the things that go on post campaign. If Pledgemanager is new to you then don't worry, this is also explained lower down.



  1. Pledges:

    • Banks can be very wary of crowdfunding transactions so you may need to verify that your pledge has gone through successfully.

  2. Update Payment Information:

    • If your pledge failed or if your payment method has changed, please update your payment information on Kickstarter by following these steps:

      • Log into your Kickstarter account.

      • Go to the project page.

      • Click the "Manage Pledge" button.

      • Update your payment details.

  3. If there is an issue with your pledge:

    • There's usually a limited time (typically 7 days) to resolve payment issues.

  4. Contact Kickstarter Support:

    • If you encounter any problems with your pledge, don't hesitate to contact Kickstarter's support team through the platform. They can assist you in resolving any payment issues.

  5. Staying Informed:

    • I'll keep you informed about the project's progress, including production and delivery timelines. Keep an eye out for regular updates.

  6. Backer Surveys:

    • You'll receive surveys to provide your shipping details and make additional selections if needed. Please complete these surveys promptly to avoid delivery delays. They are usually sent out around a week before an item is shipped.

  7. Join the Community:

    • Connect with fellow backers, share your excitement, and ask questions on the project's community page or other designated platforms. Along with the Kickstarter comments board, Discord and Instagram are the main ones.

  8. Late Pledges and Add-Ons:

    • If you missed out on pledging for an addon during the campaign, you can still do that in the Pledgemanager. Don't worry, there's no rush on that sort of stuff. More info about that below.

  9. Need Assistance?

    • If you encounter any issues or have questions, please reach out to me personally via Kickstarter or via my email

  10.  Gratitude:

    • Once again, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your support and trust in this project. Your involvement is making project a reality, and I couldn't do it without you.

  11. Stay Tuned:

    • Keep an eye out for our project updates. This page along with KS updates will provide a timeline for important milestones in the project, so you know when to expect the latest news regarding production, fulfillment, and delivery.


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About Pledges

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Books 1 + 2

These items ship in late November and postage for these items will be collected via the Pledgemanager. More about that below.


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About Pledgemanager

Post-Campaign Organization

After a Kickstarter campaign successfully reaches its funding goal, the real work begins. Project creators need to manage the logistics of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping the rewards to their backers. This process can be complex, especially if there are multiple reward tiers, customizations, and shipping destinations.

Enter PledgeManager

PledgeManager is a dedicated tool or platform designed to simplify and streamline this post-campaign phase. It serves as a bridge between the Kickstarter campaign and the actual delivery of rewards. An update will go out in November to begin the onboarding process (fancy way of saying you'll get an invite to join the Pledgemanager community page).

Survey and Reward Management

PledgeManager provides a user-friendly interface for project creators to send surveys to backers. These surveys collect essential information, such as shipping addresses and reward preferences. Backers can provide details like color choices, size options, or other customization requests.

Add-Ons and Upgrades

PledgeManager also allows backers to make additional purchases or upgrades beyond their initial Kickstarter pledge. This can include adding extra items, accessories, or choosing higher-tier rewards.

Shipping Management

Project creators can use PledgeManager to calculate shipping costs for each backer, based on their location and the chosen rewards. It helps ensure that backers are charged the correct shipping fees.


PledgeManager facilitates ongoing communication between creators and backers. Creators can send updates, notify backers of important project milestones, and address any questions or concerns.


For backers, PledgeManager simplifies the process of confirming details, making additional purchases, and staying informed about the project's progress and updates.


PledgeManager is a valuable tool that helps project creators and backers navigate the complex task of managing rewards, shipping, and communication after a Kickstarter campaign. It's a win-win for both parties, making the crowdfunding experience more organized and efficient.

If you have any queries feel free to get in touch!

My cat is on hand to take your emails and reply promptly.


I generally try to avoid my inbox during weekends so if

you're waiting on a response for a message then don't

worry, I'll be able to reply the following Monday.

If you have a question then you can always post it below.

Perhaps another kind backer will help you before I get to

seeing the message.


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