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Cheat mode pin adds 20+ awesomeness to the stats of the Earth-bound playable human character that is you. You can choose where you wish to spend those points. Speed, perception, wisdom, intelligence... you name it. This pin can be traded for 'double jump magic missle casting' if you feel your stats are fine as they are.


This hard enamel (fanceh!) Demon Door pin measures in at a mighty 35mm from top to bottom. Brass gilded for extra shazam.


This is a perfect gift to those who don't play fair, prefer to jump straight to the hardcode mode and regularly enjoy distributing amounts of kick-ass to the local vicinity encompassing a 12 mile radius.


Why is this pin awesome you might ask. Well, to break it down, each pin has been individually taken the centre of the Earth by a band of intrepid adventurers* for inspection by the very Molten Elder gods themselves. Whereupon, a ritual of AWESOMENESS is perfomed. This involves lots of heavy metal music and motorcycle jumps over volcanos.


*Sometimes we lose one or two on the way (usually the bard) but a portion of the gold you spent on this pin will go to hiring new adventurers (replacing bards) for future expeditions.

Demon Door Hard Enamel Pin

Only 9 left in stock
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