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The price difference for this hardback is due to the fact that this is a first edition. One or two small details are the only difference between this and the new edition. You can see those small differences in one of the images on this page.


The book is massive. Nintendo gamepad is in the picture to give you an idea of scale. Students purchasing the book have also reported that the book smells great... this was not a feature we had intended but we'll take the compliment on behalf of this lovely scented tome!

Draw Like a Boss 1 Hardback (First Edition Clearance)

  • The massive tome of Drawcraft is a super high quality art book. Drawing is fully explained within these pages, everything you need to get going. This is a book you can refer to over the course of your artistic life, for that reason we highly recommend choosing the utterly beautiful hardback. This is our star player in this project. Not only is it beautiful, it can take a beating from whatever your messy artist studio throws at it.

    3mm thick hardback casing with exceptional quality pages, lovely sky blue page ribbon marker.

    29.2cms Length. 23.3cms Width. 3cms Deep.

    297 Pages of drawing tuition.
    43 Demonstrations / exercises to delve into.

    Handled and shipped via a professional dispatcher company. Turn around should be quick as a result!

    Printed in the UK using environmentally responsible resources.

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