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The 'Watcher Knight' Stamp



The Watcher Knight exists to celebrate the printing of Book 3. It is included with all copies of Book 3 if two pieces of criteria are met. First, we need to reach the 30K stretch goal and second, it will require adding the stamp bundle addon to your pledge.



Mysticus Stamp

The most shamanically bizarre of all the art houses, Mysticus is home to many a crazy artist. From Goya, to Blake, this place is truly unnerving.


Merlin Stamp

Merlin is a cheeky cat indeed. Equal parts angel and devil... actually he's probably more devil but he's too cute to stay mad at.


Valtair Stamp

The custodian of the vast otherworldy Art realm displayed in all his full glory.

The three stamps above are included as stretch goals. If the goals are made, these are included in all tiers for everyone who has added a stamp bundle to their pledge.



The method used to make the stamp set is Giclée printing. This is a process that allows us to create incredibly rich and detailed fine art stamps, using specialist printers, fade-resistant inks and acid free art on archival grade papers. Through a partnership with Hahnemühle, one of the world’s leading giclée paper manufacturers, DLAB stamps are a collection that will last a long, long time.


The 'Watcher's Library' Stamp



The Limited Edition Watcher's Library Stamp* is a one off print run is created to celebrate the printing of Book 3. By default, it is included with all Book 3 Special Editions for those who have added the stamp bundle.



Due to its rarety, the *price outside of Kickstarter is estimated at :  £450,000,000.00

Blimey! Stamp collecting is ridiculous!



Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Hey! I added the stamp bundle on Special Edition. Does that mean I have a stamp immediately?


A. Yes! The Watcher Library is not on any stretch, it is automatically added.

Q. Hey! I'm on the £30 tier for a hardback. Do I get stamps?


A. You'd need to add the £6 addon of the stamp collection to your pledge for that and if we reach 30k then the first stamp will be added


Q. How do I get all the stamps?


A. There's a stamp unlock at 30k, one at 40k, 50k and one at 70k. If we surpass all these then all backers who have added stamps to their backer pledge will receive the set.

Q. Is the Watcher Library only on Special Edition?

A. Yes, that stamp is only on the Special Edition tier.

Q. Can I use the stamps?

A. The stamps are solely a collector's item and can't be used to send letters.

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