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Only a small number were produced way back in 2013. Most of the stock is gone and there will never be another reprint.

The Boss Deck
Bicycle limited edition playing cards

Introducing the "Boss Deck," a remarkable creation which was a side project to the original 2013 Draw Like a Boss campaign. This limited edition playing cards deck, was printed features the unique magic finish that allows cards to glide seamlessly, enhancing the experience of card tricks and flourishes. The Boss Deck features themed suits that add an enchanting twist to the traditional deck of cards.

This extraordinary deck has gained widespread recognition, earning its spot as the 10th most sought-after deck on various online platforms. Magicians and card enthusiasts alike seek out the Boss Deck for its magical finish, thematic suits, and the added element of choice with the extra Jack of Spades. Its popularity continues to grow, captivating card enthusiasts and making every collection it is included in, a little more special.

One of the standout features of the Boss Deck is the extra Jack of Spades, allowing players to choose between the 'Ninja Jack' or the 'Pirate Jack' during card games. The Ninja Jack moves with stealth and cunning, while the Pirate Jack adds a touch of swashbuckling adventure to the gameplay.


The clubs exhibit a captivating theme of 'appendages'. Cthulhu, Pirate with missing hand and Kali with her many hands.


Diamonds take on the theme of 'armour,' replacing standard symbols with suits of armor. Titans, Samurai, Valkyrie.

Hearts adopt the 'snakes' theme. Each draw from the deck brings a blend of love and danger to the forefront. Medusa, Quetzalcoatl and Perseus.


The spades feature a 'feathers' theme. American Indian, Nisroch and Sphinx make up the Jacks, Queen and King.

The Booss Deck transcends the boundaries of a conventional playing cards, offering a unique blend of artistry, storytelling, and magical aesthetics. Each shuffle and draw becomes a journey into a world where every card tells a tale, creating an enchanting experience for card enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Themes which make the Boss Deck unique:


This site lists the deck at 10th most rare. It was 7, but seems to have dropped down as more decks have been added.


A beautifully designed item, with that wonderful 'Magic Finish' that makes Bicycle decks world renowned.

A Gorgeous


Just a few left in the shop. When they're gone, they're gone.

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